So things are a little down in Hawkeye Nation (at least in the sports we generally cover). I realize we could talk about the lady Hawkeyes nabbing a three seed in the Big Ten Tournament, and how well they have played as of late. We could also talk about Bluder’s selection as the Big Ten coach of the year (even after a 1-6 start). I would love to talk about how there is actually one basketball coach that DID turn around a down and out program.

But being that I know more about curling than I do about women’s college hoops, I’m going to stray away from that topic (it’s said that even when a women’s team is doing well, they still can’t get out of Lickliter’s puzzled shadow). So instead of me rambling about something that I don’t know about, let’s talk about video games.

Go to this link ( and before you even consider reading anything about said picture, I ask you to simply stare at the absolute perfection that sits beautifully centered on that page. Go ahead, soak it all in. Can you believe that? It is the first exclusive image from the upcoming NCAA Football 11.

This picture should be sitting right between the Mona Lisa and the painting of The Last Supper. It is providing us with something that never seemed possible, video game perfection. It is visually stunning and delightfully vibrant. It actually gives me the feeling that I’m on the field wearing HD Visions sunglasses (and I bet the audio for the game is spectacular as well; even better than the Loud 'N Clear's I got free with my purchase of HD Vision Sunglasses).

We here at MMOM literally thought it was a real life, in-game photo of a Clemson game. If it weren’t for “CB #36” in the name space on the jersey, I would have been convinced it was taken this past season (can anyone tell me why on earth EA Sports would release an exclusive image of one of their biggest video games and have a Clemson, South Carolina game featured? Could they not think of two better teams to highlight? Say Iowa and Georgia Tech? I would have been in favor of seeing a picture of Adrian Clayborn ripping Josh Nesbitt’s head off, but that’s just me).

Not only will it look as if you are actually watching a game in HD, but EA Sports also fixed some major issues.

1.The Ref’s will be on the field during the entire game; and they interact as they would during a real game.

2.There redefined and smoothed out gang tackles.

3.You can now Auto Save during all parts of the game.

4.You can load rosters from your dynasty that is in 2020 and play with it in other modes of the game.

5.You can now individually sub in and out players for different formations.

6.There will be new equipment including hand warmers (those will come in handy for Ricky Stanzi when I take on Ohio State late in the season) and towels.

7.Single Bowl season in online play.

8.Dynamic conference logos, just incase you would like to switch Nebraska and Colorado to the Big Ten conference.

9.And for all the crying Alabama fans, numbers will be on helmets.

This game is going to be absolutely disgusting (in a good way). NCAA Football 11 will be one of the most realistic sporting video games ever made.

Hell you can probably even see Norm Parker’s missing toes, and Adrian Clayborn’s stalker behind the team bench at Kinnick Stadium! Look for us in the south endzone, we'll be the two with the blonde's at our side with "what just happened" looks on their faces.