Iowa Athletic Director Gary Barta is holding a press conference at 2:30 today about the future of the Hawkeye basketball program.  There are no details out about what is going to be said, but trust me you, there are plenty of theories.  The biggest being "The Todd" is out the door (or already is). 

The Gazette online confirmed that Lickliter is out as coach (see the article here:, but his heart wont be to broken.  Lickliter signed a seven year, 1.2 million dollar contract with a buyout of 600,000 dollars per year remaining on his deal; so "The Todd" will be heading out of Iowa City with a wad of cash in his pocket and a smile on his face.    

The story says that Lickliter and Barta met this morning for about eight minutes, which makes me believe that the previous rumors during the Big Ten Tournament were true.  I suppose "The Todd" wasn't surprised and expected it was coming. But everyone already kind of figured the silence of Barta was deadly for the Lickliter's and it looks like Barta is finally ready to break his quiet. 

After the press conference today Iowa will continue to be in rebuilding mode, so we will be sure to keep the site updated about the news that will come out about the meeting with Barta, what the recruits think, possible coaches that will take over, and what the players that are already part of the program are going to do.    

It is finally here everyone!  The Empire has fallen.